Time-Recording and Case Management Package to Support the General Criminal Contract and Crown Court Billing


BLAid - Billing for Legal Aid - runs under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and supports single desktops/laptops, networking with a shared client database  and remote use (e.g. laptop out of office).  BLAid is currently being used by a variety of solicitors, from single fee earners through to large multi-franchise firms.  Major features of BLAid include:


  Time recording and billing with support for standard CDS forms.  User-definable time recording templates.  On-line CDS6 submission.


  Support for Crown Court non-standard determinations (Form 5144 substitute), for those Crown Court cases for which this type of claim is still needed. 


  Standard letters and file notes linked to clients database, with flexible editing and document functions.  Letters can be imported from standard word processors. Non-chargeable time, private client, fee earner appointment and calendar functions.


  Management reports based on current and archived records.  Analysis of franchise and fee earner performance, tracking of work in progress and lack of movement cases.


  Support for multiple franchises.  All time and work recording can be carried out within the same BLAid system, but a separate CDS6 and management data can be generated for each criminal contract.


  Client and claim data can be exported in standard format, for example to spreadsheets, to allow processing in other software packages.


  All help-line support and new BLAid releases for the first year are included in the annual licence fee.  The latest software and unlimited help-line support are provided  at a known cost for the whole year.  New software is issued to support minor contract changes and BLAid is developed further in response to major franchise revisions.


  Prices start at £285 excl. VAT per year for a single user licence, with continuing support.  Multi-user licences attract progressive licence fee reductions.


  Standard Terms and Conditions 




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